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The International Bar Association (IBA), established in 1947, is the world’s leading organisation of international legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies.

The Commonwealth Secretariat’s work in promoting the rule of law is an essential part of its efforts to enhance democracy, good governance and development in member countries.

GJLOS is a reform minded initiative led by the Government of Kenya to give its citizens better governance, justice, law and order.

The Commonwealth Faculty of Research and Advanced Legal Studies
Established in 2001, with the express purpose of furthering human development by widening and equalising access to quality education and training and through capacity building programmes.
The ComFRALS evolved out of an earlier ground-breaking project called ‘Law and Development Research (LDR)’, initiated in 1993, with the object of promoting African Scholarship.

CLEAR. Traditionally injustices in the developing world have been tackled by human rights organisations that produce reports and demand action at a government level. By contrast, CLEAR (Christian Legal Education Aid and Research) is a grass roots organisation that seeks redress in individual cases through the local justice system, using local lawyers.

International Bridges to Justice. In recognition of the fundamental principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Bridges to Justice (IBJ) is dedicated to protecting the basic legal rights of ordinary citizens in developing countries. Specifically, IBJ works to guarantee all citizens the right to competent legal representation, the right to be protected from cruel and unusual punishment, and the right to a fair trial. See also the related JusticeMakers.

REDRESS is a human rights organisation that helps torture survivors obtain justice and reparation. REDRESS works with survivors to help restore their dignity and to make torturers accountable.

The Independent Medico-Legal Unit (IMLU) is a governance, health and human rights non-profit organization, whose vision is A Just World Free from Torture. Our work is underpinned by a holistic approach involving litigation, medical and psychosocial rehabilitation of survivors of torture, monitoring government adherence to its human rights obligations and advocacy for policy, legal and institutional reforms.

Advocates Africa
Advocates International in line with its vision to encourage, enable and equip Christian Lawyers and leaders around the world reached out to Africa in the late 1990s and the outcome of this outreach was the formation of the African Christian Lawyers Network now known as Advocates Africa.