Law Sources lists Legal Resources for Kenya.

The Kenyan Government website.
Follow ‘Guide to Government’ for information including links to the Ministry of Justice and Constitution Affairs.

The Parliament of the Republic of Kenya

The Judiciary of Kenya

Laws of Kenya is a free legal resource. also offers the laws of Kenya for download. Once installed on your computer use the desktop version of the laws of Kenya anytime and anywhere without having to connect to the internet.

Kenya Law Reports, whose mandate is the “publication of the reports to be known as the Kenya Law Reports which shall contain judgments, rulings and opinions of the superior courts of record, and also undertake such other publications as in the opinion of the Council are reasonably related to or connected with the preparation and publication of the Kenya Law Reports”.

The Law Society of Kenya is the premier bar association and legal development agency in Kenya.
The Law Society of Kenya has an extensive and long standing mandate to advise and assist members of the legal profession, the government and the public in all matters relating to the law and administration of justice in Kenya.

The East Africa Law Society is is the premier regional Bar Association in East Africa.